Breeding Objectives

Derrynock Poll Dorset rams are industry leaders for performance and conformation.  Our main focus is on early maturing genetics to produce a (18-24kg carcase lamb), as quickly as possible, that are high yielding with exceptional loin and hindquarter muscling.

We aim to continually meet the needs of our customers, by increasing productivity and profitability, while reducing the cost of production.


At Derrynock we take great pride in our ability to utilise new technologies to assist us with meeting the demands of a range of different market and consumer demands.


For the 2016 lambing we have mated approximately 400 Poll Dorset ewes & ewe lambs to some of our own and other industry leading sires;


We aim to offer a large drop of even rams each year, showcasing our selection pressure on:

  • Elite genetics for growth & carcase

  • Leading Worm Resistance Sires

  • Bred for clean head/points & good structure

  • Heavy emphasis on early maturity

  • ASBV’s for Lambing ease & gestation length

  • DNA testing for Marbling & tenderness

  • Industry leading Lean Meat Yield genetics

Showing fertility