Derrynock is located at East Trentham, 20 kms South of Kyneton.  The
stud was founded in 1965 on Yenong and Yaralla bloodlines with the aim
of breeding sound rams exhibiting the attributes of loin-length and
muscling, so important for the commercial industry.

In later years selection has incorporated the use of LAMBPLAN figures.
For this reason Thurlstone 295-94 and the ‘Doctor’, Greyhome 42-95
(AI) were used.  Both rams are structurally correct with clean faces
and excellent figures.  Sons of these rams, including D22, and D42
have formed an integral part of the breeding program for the present
drop of rams. The addition of Kurralea 5 Star gave a new element to
our breeding with the ultimate combination of elite performance
figures and impeccable type and structural soundness.

For the benefit of our stud and our clients we have retained our MN3
(Monitored Negative Three) Johnes status, for the third time, and have
vaccinated again. Therefore to ensure we remain Johnes Free and retain
our status (MN3v), we will not be selling rams at any other sales in

Derrynock continues to focus its breeding decisions on the
economically important traits of prime lamb production.  We are
striving to breed length in the loin and maximize muscling in the
hindquarters, while increasing growth rates, and maintaining leanness.
We hope these will be the successful ingredients for high yielding
lambs, hence, maximizing  productivity and profits in the modern prime
lamb industry.