Performance Recording

The Derrynock Poll Dorset stud has been performance recording since its inception in the early 1980’s, while our Meat Maternals have been recorded since we began breeding them.

Utilising the ASBV’s provided by Lambplan we provide our clients with good accurate information for several of the most economically important traits, such as:

 Birth weight

 Gestation Length

 Growth rates

 Leanness/fat cover

 Eye muscle

 Worm resistance

 Market specific index’s

 And many more…


This has progressed in recent years, to include DNA testing (genomics), for Eating Quality and Meat traits such as:

Tenderness (shear force)

Marbling (Intra Muscular Fat )

Lean Meat Yield (LMY)

Dressing percentage

We are proud to offer elite genetics to the prime lamb industry. Our 2015 drop poll dorset rams for sale in 2016 will average more than 200% for the C+ index, with most of them in the top 5% of all 2015 drop rams across all terminal sire breeds, particularly for growth and muscling!

For more info:

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 How to read ASBV’s and Index’s

 How to read RBV’s

Genetic Trends

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