Ewes and lambs on pasture with hay
Ewes and lambs on pasture with hay

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Flock on pasture in mist 2
Flock on pasture in mist 2

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Family business
Family business

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Ewes and lambs on pasture with hay
Ewes and lambs on pasture with hay

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ram sale
14th October

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Breeding Objectives

Derrynock Poll Dorset rams are industry leaders for performance and conformation. Our main focus is on early maturing genetics to produce a (18-24kg carcase lamb), as quickly as possible, that are high yielding with exceptional loin and hindquarter muscling.

We aim to continually meet the needs of our customers, by increasing productivity and profitability, while reducing the cost of production. We take great pride in our ability to utilise new technologies to assist us with meeting the demands of a range of different market and consumer demands.

For the 2016 lambing we have mated approximately 400 Poll Dorset ewes & ewe lambs to some of our own and other industry leading sires;

We aim to offer a large drop of even rams each year, showcasing our selection pressure on:

•   Elite genetics for growth & carcase

•   Leading Worm Resistance Sires

•   Bred for clean head/points & good structure

•   Heavy emphasis on early maturity.

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Maternal composites

We began producing our Meat Maternals in 2004, and are very excited how far they have progressed so far.  We are excited to offer the prime lamb industry a moderate framed, easy care and highly fertile maternal ewe, with excellent carcase attributes, great milking ability and good sucker lamb skins.

We have deliberately aimed to restrict the number of breed infusions into our Meat Maternals, to maximise the consistency and repeatability of their progeny.

Each year we aim to produce an even selection of rams exhibiting our selection pressure on some of the following objectives:

• Bred for even and consistent type with clean breech

• Bred for more fat and muscle = More do-ability

• Selected to optimise lamb survivability

• Selected for early breeding maturity

• Selected for Fertility and Milking Ability (2 - 3yo ewes average scan 180%, Ewe lms 157%, over the past 5 years)   

• Introducing phase 2, with black feet and nose + more fat and better worm resistance.

• Optimising lambing ease and lamb survival with gestation length: birth weight

Flock health

Acc No: VS 1229  (Market assurance program)


Brucellosis Accredited
Acc No: 2018  exp – 31/03/2018

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