Ewes and lambs on pasture with hay
Ewes and lambs on pasture with hay

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Flock on pasture in mist 2
Flock on pasture in mist 2

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Family business
Family business

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Ewes and lambs on pasture with hay
Ewes and lambs on pasture with hay

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14th October

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DNA testing

At Derrynock we believe that great eating quality is an essential part of our prime product, and have been quick to embrace the technology that has allowed us to test for it, and benchmark ourselves against industry.

Our goal is to produce superior Eating Quality Genetics for Tenderness (Shear Force), and Marbling (IMF), with as little compromise to growth rates and Lean Meat Yield (LMY) as possible.

Achieving this goal is going to be challenging due to the negative correlation that exists between LMY and the Eating Quality traits of Tenderness & Marbling, but is a challenge we are excited to take on!

At Derrynock we believe that our Studs are well placed to achieve this goal, as we currently have sires with above average Eating Quality genetics, and several sires that are trait leaders for LMY.

Progeny Testing

As part of our sheep production business we run a commercial prime lamb enterprise utilising our Meat Maternal rams to produce a self-replacing ewe flock of approximately 600 ewes.

These ewes are joined to our Poll Dorset rams, allowing us to progeny test both Terminal and Maternal characteristics.

The commercial flock is run on leased land in our area and has allowed us to conduct progeny testing programs as part of our mating’s each year. The results we obtain from these progeny tests, benefit both our clients directly and help us refine and enhance our breeding program.

​In some of our most recent progeny test programs we have looked at:

•   High muscle v’s High growth  
•   Milking Ability

•   Gestation length v’s birth weight for ewe lamb joining

•   High fat 
•   Mastitis